Resale Clipart

Resale Clipart is a Zen Cart Site that was built by us, this site offers hand drawn whimisical clip art graphics, digital stamps and SVG Cutting files. Please be sure to visit their site today for great clipart graphics for your crafting, printable crafts, teaching materials, embroidery projects, web design and more.

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The Fight Continues

The Fight ContinuesThe Fight Continues is a Non Profit site I created for my brother James Sperry, they strive towards working with Veterans, here is a little bit more information about their site. Click here to visit The Fight Continues

Our mission at The Fight Continues is to assist in providing transitional help to Veterans and their immediate family throughout the United States.  We dedicate our lives to our brethren of all branches of the military, for only through volunteerism, dedication and American Patriotism, will we be able to create a national support system to stop our Veterans from suicidal tendencies and make the transition from being a military serviceman or woman, to a successful civilian Veteran. We understand the trials and tribulations war can play ones mental status and how that can be transferable to others.  By creating a national awareness of PTSD and TBI to the civilian sector, we will create a better atmosphere for Veterans entering the workforce.

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