Why WordPress Web Design

WordPress is used by lots of site owners in the world. It is a very common platform where websites are built. It has many plugins built to support almost anything that a site owner can think of. Because of its popularity, it is easy to achieve many marketing objective when using a WordPress designed website. A website built on WordPress is also give site owner a lot of options when selecting a theme.

History of WordPress

Started in 2003 and soon grown in users to ten of millions. It is created for bloggers and its free. All development is contributed by people around the world to make it what it is today. You can build a small blog to a corporate website without paying for a license fee. This is truly the most popular platform used by people to design and build website today.


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Options for Web Design

Ready Theme

You can use a ready theme, which is already created for use. WordPress comes with many free theme which are developed by theme developers. You can just login to the website and select them under the “Appearance” tab. There may be limited function for a free theme, which if you want more, can upgrade with a small fee. Alternatively, you can also buy a professionally done website with all the demo content already there. This kind of web shop is available through search. You can find one online easily. One of the website where I like purchasing theme from is Template Monster Their after sales support is really awesome, as I can just go on live chat and be supported almost instantly. On top of that, I also get to learn simple coding skill as they guide through some theme issue which I want to resolve. If you want more service and help, they are more than willing to do it for you at a small fee too. I have made purchase from many other sites and there is just no such service there. Most of the time when you purchase theme else where, you have to contact individual developer and they may have different kind of response time and usually through email. This kind of support can take long time to resolve an issue. So, if you want to have a quick web design, consider purchasing from a ready theme design store.

Using Web Builder

There are many web builder in the market that help people easily build a website. These web builder are very useful as there is no need to touch on coding. Even though WordPress is already a website that is easy to add content, these web builder can solve the layout issue easily. This is because there is limited way you can structure a layout in WordPress without knowing some coding skill. Therefore, web builder is best suited to those who are not trained in coding. There are many of this web builder is you just search online for it. One of the web builder which I would highly recommend is Thrive Content Builder. I find this is really great as it is packed with so much flexibility to create your own web design structure and functions.

If you want to learn more about WordPress and how to create a site, I have one video which I find you will like it very much. So click below and watch it now.


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